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I would like to thank you all my beautiful people who inspired me and encouraged me to put up my website and I’m super excited to share this new Raw and Toasted website. My website is live now and you can checkout all my recent posts on fashion and lifestyle there from now onwards (***drumroll***)

Raw, here, say all things that is bare and basic. The unmodified version of life; the fashion that is street-style, unsorted and underdone yet chic and curious. Where in Toasted, here, talk about everything that is flattering and puffed up. A smolder and made-up version of fashion; a polished and well-done lifestyle and deep and dramatic homestyle inspirations.

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Round-up: Watches and Jewelry Trend From BASELWORLD 2017, Messe Basel, Switzerland 

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The biggest and the most exburent – Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show at Messe Basel, Switzerland is a day dream of wristwatch and accessories aficionados. The biggest trade show of the calendar year traces the history of early 20th century when people gathered for trading the best masterpiece of watches and jewelry. In my today’s post, I’m sharing the chicest trends to lookout in watches and jewelry. 

It is almost impossible to track every trend on show and believe me such is the scale of event! Baselworld brings the exotic representation of established as well as the up-coming promising brands on the podium. I asked one of my best friend Kashyap to cover the story snippets live and I just couldn’t thank him for all the efforts he put to portray an entire world of watches,gems and jewels.

Last year this magical place saw a surge of smartwatches and soon this upsurge penetrated the fashion world of jewelry and smartwatches, Fitness bands and digital watches took up the significant place in 2016-17 trendlist. This year we lug the classics (with major details). Brands like Chanel, Hermes and Bulgari made a call to sparkle; the diamond accents and floral design makes Chanel Gyptic a major attention while Hermes and Bulgari frayed the most flamboyant timepiece in amphibious-inspired belt finishing in the indigenous colour – earthy green.

The first thing you see after walking in the door is this Tag Heuer Connected 45, a smartwatch that is extremely appealing to the next generation. 

Rolex skipped the pulsating smartwatch league and introduced the three pro variation of its Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona in yellow, white and everose gold. 

And it is time to fire up the sideways! If streetstyle is your pursuit, then hands down to this prodigy – Aquaracer 300 from Tag Heuer, doing all justice to the camoflague trend, this piece is all you can dream for a sporty street-ready style and oh yes, the wrist watch comes with a water resistance technology which works up-to 300 m depth of water.

I belong to a city that is lionized as one of the biggest diamond and gem & jewelry hub. Surat city is brimming with all glow and glory and we have a few big biz on the board of Baselworld. SRK is one of the most impressive and celebrated name as a manufacturer of gems. It has been a long journey from 1964 to 2017, SRK has sculpted a remarkable road from rough stones to polished diamonds. Exporting to around 55 countries, SRK is one of the most respectable and socially responsible name from Surat at Baselworld.

8 Biggest Trends In Wrist Watch and Jewelry 2017 

Wrist watch trends: 

1. Vintage wrist watch

2. Athleisure watch 

3. Smartwatch 

4. Amphibious-inspired belt watch 

5. Everose gold wrist watch 

Diamond Jewelry trends: 

1. Floral designs (floral-inspired designs are never going out of trend)

2. Color-play (the bright burst of colors are making rage this season)

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Little Accessory Edit: 8 Ways To Pin Like French People

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“A love affair is born when French fashion meets British Royal family”

I hope you all are doing wonderful these days. Since the major Indian Fashion Week for Spring/Summer 2017 summarizes, I thought of sharing one of the hottest accessories trend – Pins. The pretty pins are seen making their way back into the fashion lexicon. This super trend was spotted on the runways of India Beach Fashion Week 2017 as well as on Amazon India Fashion Week 2017. 

Brooches are the timeless trend since 60s. Queens of the time used to dress up their ensemble by pinning sparkling brooches. The elegance and aesthetic appeal of pin makes it the most adorable springtime accessory. This trend is a conglomerate of French style and British soverign sophistication. I found this beautiful psychedilic-style inspired pink flower pin from an online shopping site and thought of sharing how I love to style this pin in different ways. 

I’m literally crushing over this pin trend and if you’ve never been a fan, give it a try this season and you’ll be surprised to see how a small accessory can make you stand out from the crowd. I’m sharing 8 ways you can wear pin/brooch that will complete and compliment your style.  

1. On the shirt/top👚

The bold Versace fashion shows this gorgeous way of pinning your top or short with a stylish brooch. Either you are heading up for a business meeting or just planning a city stroll, this super accessory will be the first eye-catcher for anybody you meet. 

2. Collar game strong!The Fashion designers just went it up to the collar at India Beach Fashion Week 2017. The beauty and uniqueness of a brooch pin has defined the season’s mood. Go ahead and replicated this timeless trend by pinning it right up on the collar. 

3. Blaze up the blazer

I believe styling is all about being a bit mysterious and a bit open. You don’t want your accessory to speak everything we loce the real conversations 😜 So mix up the basics and bold. Pin an eccentric brooch on your classic black or blue blazer and you are already wining the game! ✌💕

4. Hooking up neck to neck!

Neckline is the center of attention and adding a smart or feminine detail to it makes it further more bewitching. Necklines like V-neck, Turtle neck, mandarin neckline and round neckline are perfect to style these beautiful brooches.
5. Like Queen Elizabeth

The Elizabeth era showed a major comeback on India Beach Fashion Week 2017 runway. With floral dresses, sheer and ruffle sleeves, they represented the 60s way of styling brooch pin with scarf. You can style to color block the scarf and pin or you can go for color complimenting just like I did here. 

6. Bedazzle your bag!

This particular style is inspired from the old-school-days when we used to add pins on our canvas bags, remember? Whether its your favorite backpack or a basic clutch, you can add oodles of style and punk factor by pinning some cool and hip brooch pins. 

7. Pin up your cap, kid!

Brooch pins were popularly used on oversized hats then. Now its time to bring in some fun, for the upcoming summer days, pick your last year’s cap and snap a few small mini brooch pins because this is going to certify you as an official fashionista of the city! 😍😘✌

8. Walk the talk!

Quirk up your Summer footwear this season by strutting in style. Snap and lock small pins on your shoe 👟 and let the paparazzi chase you through! 

So that’s all about the brooch pins and how you can style it this season. If you have any strategy other than these then feel free to share with me here or send me a DM on Instagram (rawandtoasted) to get yourself featured on my profile. 

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5 Wonderful Homemade Hacks To Get Rid Of Tanned Skin

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“Good times and tan lines, really?”

Its Monday morning and I’m as lazy as ever to kick start my week… Anyway I hope you folks had a great weekend. Well, I spend my weekend at home and dinned out with my timeworn friends after a pretty long time. If you are in India, this is the high time, I must say, the sun is blazing and I’m already sporting an awful tan 😦 . Even after smothering myself with sunscreen from top to toe, I just can’t help. The sun wins the game every single time. The re-application is not always doable since I’m running errands and I admit, I overlook this often and end up with a tan.

Whether you are in the air conditioned office or you are traveling or even when you are relaxing at home you eventually have a lot of sun rays seeping in your skin that you really don’t want. Of course there are a lot of products available in the market that claim to remove tan in the most natural ways. But the truth is, even the most natural products are chemical-laden which further dries out the skin and destroys the skin elasticity. So in this post, I planned to bring out five wonderful homemade remedies to get that tan off your skin.

  • Saffron + Milk

Heat up the milk till lukewarm and add a few saffron strands to it. Mix the mixture with your fingertips and apply it on your face and hands. Rinse it off after 20 minutes. Saffron brings the natural glow back while the bacteria in milk will fight with the tan. 😉

  • Turmeric + Yogurt

Take plain yogurt in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Remember turmeric has a very intense color so a little bit goes a long way. Mix them well and you can apply it on face, neck, hands and even on entire body before bath.

  • Tomato + Turmeric

Cut the tomato in two slice and sprinkle a little amount of turmeric over it. Scrub your face, neck and hand with the slice and wash if off after 15-20 minutes. No big deal, right? 😉

  • Oatmeal + Rose water

Oatmeal acts as a gentle scrub. Take a little amount of oatmeal and pour in rose water. Mix it well to form a paste. Smear it generously on your face and it’ll dry out in 10 minutes. Wash off with cold or regular water while scrubbing the flour off in circular motion. Pat dry and viola, your skin is rejuvenated!

  • Honey + Milk

Honey contains a high amount of antioxidant and you can just never go wrong with honey. Take 1 tablespoon of honey and 3 tablespoon of milk. Mix the fusion and apply it on your face, neck and hands. Clean it up after 20 minutes and you’ll have your supple skin back!

These things are readily available in the kitchen and all of the above hacks are tried and tested. I’ve my hands on this turmeric and yogurt hack since past two weeks and it is working amazingly wonderful on my skin! Like, if you have been following me on Instagram (rawandtoasted) then you could see that I’ve already ditched any foundation/BB/CC creams on my face. It is just the sunscreen and this magical de-tan remedies at night before I hit the hay.

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Decoding Levis Life: All About The Perfect Jeans Fit Feat. 300 Shaping Jeans

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TGIF! I hope you folks are doing great (if not, don’t worry the weekend is almost here). With Summer in its full swing, I’ve had ditched jeans and went all in for cotton trousers, chinos and Patiala suits lately. When the temperature scours as high as 36 degrees, it becomes unbearable to move around in those skinny jeans, right? 😈 Well, yes even I was assuming when I was asked to try Levis 300 Shaping jeans. So here is what happened when I slipped in the shapening jeans from Levis.
If it wasn’t summer, you’d spot in jeans every other day and tell me why not?! There is this super comfort level that only denim jeans contribute us. Okay so the first thing that comes across my mind while trying on jeans is; whether I can comfortably squat in this pair or not 🐒. Yes, and that’s how it should be… being able to squat in a pair of jeans is the trick to know whether the fit and feel of jeans is made for your or not. But often times, getting that perfect rear end view becomes way too vital that I end up compromising on other aspects like waist-line fit and the length. When I had to try Levis 300 shaping jeans, it soon became my ‘dream jeans’ comes true!

The 300 shaping jeans is a new women’s denim collection from the ruler of denim den – Levis. Levis took the trend of 2017 quiet seriously and leaped to craft the body contouring jeans. It claims to strategically squash your tummy pot, slim your hips and thighs and lift your end. This clearly articulates that it is time to own what you got! For all the curvy women out there, this is going to be the party 🎊 ! We can wear this beautiful shaping jean to work as well as take it to those dinner dates.

I’m wearing the dark blue 300 shaping jeans from Levis and teamed it up with a bodysuit and blue kitten heels to finish the outfit. I literally lived my entire day from morning 7 am to 10 pm in this hero and even at the end of day, I feel as comfortable and confident. The dynamic-fit technology embraces the curves and wheedles the gut handles. It is a mid-rise jean that covers my stomach and holds it in. The pocket placement and inward inseam makes the rear-end look really arresting!

Three Tricks I Try To Find My Perfect-Fit Jeans
1.      Waist-fit: While buying jeans, your waist defines your size and not the hips! If your waist is 30, you need a jean of 29 or 31 depending on the brand and style.

2.      Rear-fit: Front and rear view of jeans makes or breaks your entire look. It it is too tight, please do not stay in the misconception that it will eventually loosen up. Even if you already have one slacken jeans in your wardrobe. Jeans don’t really adopt your body-shape; after multiple washes they tend to lose its dynamicity.

3.       Crotch-to-inseam fit: The inward inseam is the most flattering style and suits almost any body-type. The ill-fitted crotch is a BIG no-no and do I have to tell you why?? 

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Round-up: The Best Of Beach & Resort Fashion Trends At India Beach Fashion Week 2017


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I just cannot get enough of all the fashion fables happening all over the world. With Paris Fashion Week 2017 streaked off with over the top global styles, I finally sneaked out time to do a round-up of one of my most favorite fashion show – India Beach Fashion Week 2017 . Goa gasps the most exotic vibes of fourth season of IBFW. In today’s post, I’m sharing the most romantic tropical tales of fashion & beauty from IBFW chapter.

Palm trees, coconuts, tanned skin, sunsets, hot nights and fashion parade that’s how I can describe my experience of Asia’s biggest tropical fashion show India Beach Fashion Week 2017 powered by Jeep, India, Jhoomer Jewels, Crocs, Goa Marriott Resort & Spa and Novotel Mumbai, Juhu. The fashion festival that was held on 6th March and glossed off on 8th March was an absolute ode to beach fashion, resort & lounge fashion, cruise style, men’s fashion and destination bridal fashion.

The industry icon and the ace fashion designer Anupama Dayal brings the fresh breeze to the festival. Anupama Dayal’s #SummerSurprise was warm and welcoming the summer days. With blowy cover-ups in bubblegum pink and peaches, the festive was set in the tropical mood.

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Sonia Gohil flourished her eternal love for off-whites. The floor-length tops, sheer cover-ups, high-slit and off-shoulder maxi dress took the ramp by storm!

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Loungewear is making the major moves in Men’s fashion as well! Sanjay Hingu’s relaxed collection presents blazers and suits that are holiday-hit!

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Digvijay Singh showed his line in a very spectacular style. The theme he picked was quite pitchy and his collection is the indication of those tie-dye styles.

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Ken Ferns kept it simply feminine and pretty! Fresh as morning dew on early summer morning, the line was floral and breathable.

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The man of matter Asif Merchant took up the ramp with his fine glamourous collection. His line was inspired truly from the British holiday-style wardrobe and I’m particularly crushing on his line of suits.


Asif Merchant at IBFW 2017

My favorite of Day 1 of IBFW 2017, Arjun Khanna swiped Men’s fashion with matte black and white semi-formals. With linen fabric, blazer over shorts, he managed to take our curiosity a level higher!

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Day 2 of IBFW 2017, was stellar! Sakshi Relan showcased her ‘Blured Lines’ collection. The inspiration was driven by LGBT community; the color palate used in the collection is taken from the LGBT flag to highpoint the freedom of every person.

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Amin Farista pooled his homespun label Gandhian Fab and prospered his latest Resort wear collection in the Indigenous fabric under the name of ‘Young Khadi’. How I totally love the fringes in khadi…

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Lalit Dalmia bathed the ramp his ‘La Moda’ collection that was inspired and conceptualized to resurge the dramatic style. He took it right there on the beach and trust me, the backdrop and the view simply worked like wonder! He drew the clue from 70s Victorian era and I totally hoard this style!

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Fashion designers Sukriti and Aakruti put in an impressive collection on the ramp under the name of ‘Unicorn Tribe’. The duo enchanted the onlookers with exquisite frill-sari, off-the-shoulder blowy tops, peach pink bridal couture, infrequent flared traditional pant suits and 80s ruffles.

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Shyamal & Bhumika whipped the cream in the most elegant way. They awesome twosome expressed their love for traditional style. With pretty embroidered floral designs, sheer and shimmery fabric, the collection was completely lust-worthy!

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Geetika Kanumilli’s ‘A Dreamy Affair’ an absolute sovereign collection. With royal peach and pastel shades and effortless silhouettes, her collection adds fun and freshness for the modern bride.

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Issa’s ‘The Story Of A Summer Bride’ speaks a lot about colors and moods. The amazing tie-dye and pastel theme remains in rage this season.

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Annesdeen brings the quintessential sophistication in his couture line. The collection summarizes the cosmopolitan crowd. The pleats, flare and bare-shoulder were hit!

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Karleo Fashion exhibited the one-off concept – ‘Noir Love’ collection in which the dark hues congregate to the bright light in eventual instances. The melodramatic silhouette adds the oomph factor to the line.

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Aakriti Grover haggard the heat with her ‘Read Between The Lines’ collection of bodysuit and swimsuits. Motivated from the major stripes trend, the designer bewildered the fashion enthusiast with vibrant colors.

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Payal Jeswani steals the festival with her charismatic collection. The earthy hues and embellishments are a show-stellar for sure!

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MapxencaRS blended the life-cycle theme by representing Cherry Blossom flower. The collection is a bright maroon-red melody and has an outline inspired from 80s; bell-sleeves, ankle-length pants, ruffle-tiered skirt and asymmetric cuts.

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Swapnil Shinde put up his best and the most sensual line of Resort Wear 2017. With oodles of glamour and gut, the collection defines women perfectly as in both sexy and strong.

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PS (appreciation)

Somana – Model

Mark Periera Photography  

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