Festive Edition: What To Wear On Holi: 5 In-Vogue Styles To Try: 5 Holi Skin & Hair Hacks

Hola Sugarcups!!

“Festive vibes is in the air!”

Happy Sunday folks! There are two things to be happy about this today; it is the last working day of this week and secondly the most colorful festival Holi is almost here! So today I am going to share a Holi special post with you all – Top 5 Outfits for Holi and 5 ways you can get rid of the harmful dyes from your skin and hair.

Traditionally white colored outfits are popularly worn but I personally spot two kind of people; one who dresses up in all-black outfit and the other in all-white dress. This time I planned to find the grey area by going above white and black. In this post, I’ve scorched a few trendy outfit ideas. From being ‘neo-chic’ to being ‘modern bohemian’, I picked up 5 Holi outfits from my wardrobe.

Neo 70s


A chicer interpretation of Paris Fashion Week 2017 is this baby – ‘Neo 70s’. Though we have comprehended this trend way before but this season, it has revised. A monochrome of black and white is best complimented with bubbly pink and that is when I choose to wear this long kurti top for Holi this season. To make this trend more understandable; wear your basic (t-shirt) with something glitzy bright shade.

Urban Gypsy

2017-03-11-21-21-29-744The current iteration of the bohemian trend is more for the gypsy than the stereotypical. Urban Gypsy is a very youthful trend. All the fashion shows had come to close now and the ‘urban gypsy’ style is one of the hippest style to twinge. I’m wearing agile green short asymmetric kurta with grey palazzo pant – the most relaxed ensemble for day like this!

Just Denim

2017-03-11-21-27-03-597Denims are my very dear! For festival like Holi, denim might sound understated; but a ‘denim dress’ is up-to-the-minute! An embroidered denim dress is very comfortable substitute to try!

Pleats power

2017-03-11-21-33-06-954Bring the bright spring back! I think this year we won’t get enough of pleats. I thought of picking this stunning perky yellow pleated skirt and teamed it up with black tank top. This look is effortless and one of my most favorite!

Modern ethnic

2017-03-11-22-16-48-727-01.jpegEthnic is eternal! I love testing and trialing the basic element with something ongoing (trending). I’m wearing my below-knee princess-style upbeat orange kurta. Stacking up some quirky accessories won’t really hurt!

5 Pre & Post Holi Skin and Hair Hacks at Home


Apply a generous amount of sunscreen on the body parts that are exposed. We certainly won’t like to get tanned and my secret tip is… I mix coconut oil and sunscreen together which keeps my skin moisturized and protected for a longer time.


Wipe off the color from delicate parts of your body like under eyes, nose, lips, chin, ear lobes and neck with the help of any petroleum jelly. I love how versatile Vaseline works. I think I shall do a vlog on 50 uses of Vaseline on my channel, what do you think?

Hair up-do

I urge you not to keep your hair open on this day! Open hair prone to suck more moisture and dirt from air which leaves your hair looking dull and dry. You can tie all your hair in a nice pony or a hair up-do. I’m letting out another secret here… I apply baby oil on my hair before stepping out on this day, baby oil is light in weight on hair and it acts like a protective shield to the tresses.


Snug-fit jeans are a strict no-no! Skinny jeans make it very difficult for your skin to breath. Also, it leaves harsh rashes on your skin which damages the skin elasticity.

Stay hydrated

Keeping oneself hydrated is the trick! Fuel yourself with fluids like water and juices as dehydration causes skin to dry and more sensitive and to the worse, the harsh color might seep into the skin. I squeeze one lemon and add a pinch of salt to the water and carry it with me.

So that is all for today, you can follow me on Instagram (rawandtoasted) for all fashion, lifestyle and homestyle posts. 

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