Monsoon Edit: 5 Best Hair Care Products To Try In 2017

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I’m finally back from my longest holiday! My birthday vacation destination, if you are connected with me on Instagram then you definitely know all about My-Thailand-Tales and trust me there is just soooo much to talk about it that I’m going to post a separate blog story 🐣. Just when we landed back home in India, we were welcomed with rain ☔ yayyy! Ever since I was a kid, I had loved this season of the year. Though for some, Monsoon is a dull gloomy weather but I find it super exciting because the moment I sneak out at my little nook on the window side, I see all the trees and roads washed up by the rain water. But, as much as I love rain, I love my hair! I think a good hair day definitely makes a day.  

With excessive humidity in the air, monsoon damages the hair to some extent by making it frizzy or can cause scalp irritation. Monsoon demands extra care for our tresses and when it comes to hair care regime, I’m someone who doesn’t really gives in for market products, I opt for homemade hair care tricks like hot coconut oil massage and egg masks. But, this time I’m totally driven away with some of the brilliant hair care products so I had to share this with you all. Brace yourself with these super hair care products this season and beat the monsoon blues at its game. 

1. Moroccanoil Dry Scalp Treatment 

I’ve been using this product for three months now. And I’m so glad that I found this baby! Moroccanoil helps ease out frizz giving my hair a healthy shine for two days! A little oil goes a long way so I add a few amount to my regular coconut oil. 😜
2. Schwarzkopf Bonacure Moisture Kick Spray Conditioner

This is the first ever spray conditioner I picked up and I’m totally obsessed with it! Schwarzkopf spray conditioner has presence of light weight silicon oil in the conditioner that nourishes the hair and it’s really light weight. 😇
3. Living Proof No Frizz Smoothing & Frizz Fighting Travel Kit

These are the most fanciest purchase I’ve ever did for my hair 💇. Founded by Hollywood actor Jennifer Aniston, Living Proof Smoothing Travel kit is one must have this season. The set features the incredible anti-frizz technology that blocks humidity to give you smoother hair. Offering a rich lather, the No Frizz Shampoo cleanses hair and fights frizz. 💃
4. Bed Head TIGI Urban Anti+dotes Recovery Treatment Mask

I take a little scoop of the product and apply it from mid hair to tip after shampoo and regular conditioning. Then I tie my hair in a bun and wear a shower cap. I usually leave this for 10 mins or longer depending on how much time I have.  I use it twice a week. It has really made a difference to my hair’s frizziness. 😍😍
5. Biotique Bio Bhringraj Therapeutic Oil for Falling Hair

Monsoon brings along a lot of mane problems and the most common being hair fall 😢. Like most women I’ve oily scalp and dry ends, therefore, I massage and keep the oil for 2-3 hours once a week and then wash it off. And to my surprise as far as hairfall reduction is concerned, I have seen like almost 50% reduction which is quite remarkable 🙋
I hope you find this useful and wishing all my beautiful people a very Happy Monsoon 🌧🌩☔

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5 Wonderful Homemade Hacks To Get Rid Of Tanned Skin

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“Good times and tan lines, really?”

Its Monday morning and I’m as lazy as ever to kick start my week… Anyway I hope you folks had a great weekend. Well, I spend my weekend at home and dinned out with my timeworn friends after a pretty long time. If you are in India, this is the high time, I must say, the sun is blazing and I’m already sporting an awful tan 😦 . Even after smothering myself with sunscreen from top to toe, I just can’t help. The sun wins the game every single time. The re-application is not always doable since I’m running errands and I admit, I overlook this often and end up with a tan.

Whether you are in the air conditioned office or you are traveling or even when you are relaxing at home you eventually have a lot of sun rays seeping in your skin that you really don’t want. Of course there are a lot of products available in the market that claim to remove tan in the most natural ways. But the truth is, even the most natural products are chemical-laden which further dries out the skin and destroys the skin elasticity. So in this post, I planned to bring out five wonderful homemade remedies to get that tan off your skin.

  • Saffron + Milk

Heat up the milk till lukewarm and add a few saffron strands to it. Mix the mixture with your fingertips and apply it on your face and hands. Rinse it off after 20 minutes. Saffron brings the natural glow back while the bacteria in milk will fight with the tan. 😉

  • Turmeric + Yogurt

Take plain yogurt in a bowl and add a pinch of turmeric to it. Remember turmeric has a very intense color so a little bit goes a long way. Mix them well and you can apply it on face, neck, hands and even on entire body before bath.

  • Tomato + Turmeric

Cut the tomato in two slice and sprinkle a little amount of turmeric over it. Scrub your face, neck and hand with the slice and wash if off after 15-20 minutes. No big deal, right? 😉

  • Oatmeal + Rose water

Oatmeal acts as a gentle scrub. Take a little amount of oatmeal and pour in rose water. Mix it well to form a paste. Smear it generously on your face and it’ll dry out in 10 minutes. Wash off with cold or regular water while scrubbing the flour off in circular motion. Pat dry and viola, your skin is rejuvenated!

  • Honey + Milk

Honey contains a high amount of antioxidant and you can just never go wrong with honey. Take 1 tablespoon of honey and 3 tablespoon of milk. Mix the fusion and apply it on your face, neck and hands. Clean it up after 20 minutes and you’ll have your supple skin back!

These things are readily available in the kitchen and all of the above hacks are tried and tested. I’ve my hands on this turmeric and yogurt hack since past two weeks and it is working amazingly wonderful on my skin! Like, if you have been following me on Instagram (rawandtoasted) then you could see that I’ve already ditched any foundation/BB/CC creams on my face. It is just the sunscreen and this magical de-tan remedies at night before I hit the hay.

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Festive Edition: What To Wear On Holi: 5 In-Vogue Styles To Try: 5 Holi Skin & Hair Hacks

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“Festive vibes is in the air!”

Happy Sunday folks! There are two things to be happy about this today; it is the last working day of this week and secondly the most colorful festival Holi is almost here! So today I am going to share a Holi special post with you all – Top 5 Outfits for Holi and 5 ways you can get rid of the harmful dyes from your skin and hair.

Traditionally white colored outfits are popularly worn but I personally spot two kind of people; one who dresses up in all-black outfit and the other in all-white dress. This time I planned to find the grey area by going above white and black. In this post, I’ve scorched a few trendy outfit ideas. From being ‘neo-chic’ to being ‘modern bohemian’, I picked up 5 Holi outfits from my wardrobe.

Neo 70s


A chicer interpretation of Paris Fashion Week 2017 is this baby – ‘Neo 70s’. Though we have comprehended this trend way before but this season, it has revised. A monochrome of black and white is best complimented with bubbly pink and that is when I choose to wear this long kurti top for Holi this season. To make this trend more understandable; wear your basic (t-shirt) with something glitzy bright shade.

Urban Gypsy

2017-03-11-21-21-29-744The current iteration of the bohemian trend is more for the gypsy than the stereotypical. Urban Gypsy is a very youthful trend. All the fashion shows had come to close now and the ‘urban gypsy’ style is one of the hippest style to twinge. I’m wearing agile green short asymmetric kurta with grey palazzo pant – the most relaxed ensemble for day like this!

Just Denim

2017-03-11-21-27-03-597Denims are my very dear! For festival like Holi, denim might sound understated; but a ‘denim dress’ is up-to-the-minute! An embroidered denim dress is very comfortable substitute to try!

Pleats power

2017-03-11-21-33-06-954Bring the bright spring back! I think this year we won’t get enough of pleats. I thought of picking this stunning perky yellow pleated skirt and teamed it up with black tank top. This look is effortless and one of my most favorite!

Modern ethnic

2017-03-11-22-16-48-727-01.jpegEthnic is eternal! I love testing and trialing the basic element with something ongoing (trending). I’m wearing my below-knee princess-style upbeat orange kurta. Stacking up some quirky accessories won’t really hurt!

5 Pre & Post Holi Skin and Hair Hacks at Home


Apply a generous amount of sunscreen on the body parts that are exposed. We certainly won’t like to get tanned and my secret tip is… I mix coconut oil and sunscreen together which keeps my skin moisturized and protected for a longer time.


Wipe off the color from delicate parts of your body like under eyes, nose, lips, chin, ear lobes and neck with the help of any petroleum jelly. I love how versatile Vaseline works. I think I shall do a vlog on 50 uses of Vaseline on my channel, what do you think?

Hair up-do

I urge you not to keep your hair open on this day! Open hair prone to suck more moisture and dirt from air which leaves your hair looking dull and dry. You can tie all your hair in a nice pony or a hair up-do. I’m letting out another secret here… I apply baby oil on my hair before stepping out on this day, baby oil is light in weight on hair and it acts like a protective shield to the tresses.


Snug-fit jeans are a strict no-no! Skinny jeans make it very difficult for your skin to breath. Also, it leaves harsh rashes on your skin which damages the skin elasticity.

Stay hydrated

Keeping oneself hydrated is the trick! Fuel yourself with fluids like water and juices as dehydration causes skin to dry and more sensitive and to the worse, the harsh color might seep into the skin. I squeeze one lemon and add a pinch of salt to the water and carry it with me.

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👑March Edition: Budget-Friendly Pastel Nail Polishes To Bank On👑

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I hope you folks are doing great. Its mid-week already and I’m up with another ‘Wednesday-On-Budget’ post. If you are a regular reader of the blog you must have read my ‘Wednesday Challenges’ series which was on fashion hacks, hairstyle and outfit challenges. So coming back to today’s post, Budget-Friendly Pastel Nail Polishes To Bank On is when I was looking out for pastel nail polishes for the upcoming summery days.


To be honest I’m not so fancy about nails, I like to keep my nails short (like I’m always a beginner when it comes to nail art). I’ve got a few nail polishes that belong to the pink family. I have got this really hot jet-black nail polish from my husband which you must have seen me wearing on New Year evening. Pastel is something that I generally opt for in clothes. I’ve a pretty good range of pastel t-shirts and ethnics which I switch up from my wardrobe for summer. Pastel Nail Polish is a new baby in my dressing closet. I found this really cool brand Stay Quirky on which has the best pastel nail polish line. They have the fanciest pastel shades at the most economical range. I got myself these two shades from SQ and I can’t wait to try them


Pastel Duchess


I just had to get it! The beautiful shade of Pastel Duchess belongs to pink and lavender family (it has a pink-ish hue to lavender shade). I was having a lavender shade earlier but that wasn’t so pastel. The texture looks so smooth and the shade is exact as shown on the website. Can’t wait to try on!

The Milky Way 


The Milky Way is a green-hued pastel shade which has a milk-white major tone and bottle-green undertone. I love the idea of flaunting the beautiful mother-nature shade this summer. This is the odd-man-out addition to my nail polish clan. Well, I’m totally impressed by Stay Quirky and the short review will be up as soon as I try them. 

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Happy Sunday my favorite people! I’ve been really caught up with fashion shoots, content projects and assignments this week. I feel so gratified to see the blogging family rising. With all of you doing the best works in your arena, you’ve been my inspiration! Thank you for all the love and boost. Today I’m talking about one of my darling perfume brand – Fogg’s Body Spray.


Fogg is more than just a perfume, it’s a way of life! The brand has a very personalized whiff to me. I’m quite a not fan of deodorants, but Fogg has this wonderful liquid spray formulary that makes it stand out. With that being said, Fogg launched the body spray range in four lust-worthy scents – Delicious, Essence, Paradise and Radiate. They always come up with the most inimitable fragrance this is what I’ve been observing. Fogg perfumes are the budget-buddy take. I’ve picked the Paradise by Fogg Body Spray. Let me be honest, it was the lavender color that made me grab it on first go! It has been a week now I’ve And of course nothing says agile, fresh and fiery taste than this little lavender metal body spray bottle created by Fogg.


PC: Jhanvi Soni Photography

Fogg sprays has a classic fragrance that symbolizes a real woman; a lady who knows who she is, a lady who has goals and one who believes how to push limits. Fogg Paradise Spray compliments the complexities of a strong woman. The floral & sporty whiff is an opus of beautifully generated fragrances that are hard to distinguish individually.



The name ‘Paradise’ is perfectly justified; when you gush a few drops of Fogg Paradise Body Spray you can accurately feel floral-misty-young-luxurious notes of fragrance. It easily keeps you smelling heavenly for at least 5 to 6 hours which is exceptional! Fogg Paradise Body Spray goes straight to my February Favorites list (upcoming post).


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Summer Skin Care Essentials: 3 Products I Count On For Glowing Skin

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I hope you all had a great weekend. I literally spend my weekend with movie and a shoot for this blog post. Now that the winter days had kissed us good-bye (mostly everywhere in the country, I guess) I’ve started feeling the heat waves in full swing. Indian summers are hot, dry and humid in some zones. I live in a humid zone which leaves me with a horrible sun tan and destroys my skin glow. Whether I step out for two minutes or two hours, the damage made by the scorching sun is kind of really hard to deal with.


My weekend was at a nearby beach where I was accompanied by one of my friend and an aspiring photographer. We randomly planned a shoot looking at the beauty of beach. I didn’t really have any makeup to put on for the shoot at that time, but thankfully I had the sun block from Nivea. It is my first buy of Summer season and to my surprise it turned out to be a dream come true product. Here in this blog I’m sharing the best three summer skin care essentials that I count on this season. This is my tried and tested version of products and I believe these are appropriate for any normal skin type.

  1. Nivea Sun Moisturizing Lotion SPF 30


It didn’t really take a long for me to fall in love with this super magic shield. What impressed me on the first go was the promising statement that says, “with rich moisturizers and vitamin E that protect the skin from dehydration to ensure that you’re better protected” and when I tried this on the beach at 1 pm, it simply did what it assured! While most of the sun screen are greasy or dry out my skin, this baby from Nivea helped me restore my natural glow after finishing my two-and-a-half-hour long shoot. I definitely recommend this and this goes right in my summer skin care essential bag!

  1. Soulflower Ocean Blue Bathsalt


Bathsalts are blessings in any weather! With the healing effect and freshness, it also keeps up with the PH balance of the skin. Soulflower is the only brand that comes to my mind when it comes to picking a bathsalt. They have really the coolest bathsalt options that one just can not deny. For the summer season, I picked this Soulflower Ocean Blue Bathsalt which proclaims the reverse aging and skin rejuvenation. I’m using it from last week in lukewarm bath water and this seems working for me. I love the ocean breeze smell it leaves on my skin.

  1. Lotus Claywhite Skin Whitening Face pack


Summer days calls for deep hydration and clean pores to avoid skin problems like blackheads, whiteheads and acne. The skin bares it all – sun, dirt, pollution and stress, its time to give skin her natural glow this season. I’m doing it with Lotus Claywhite Skin Whitening Face Pack. With a number of face packs and homemade packs, I totally love Lotus and my mother has been using Lotus Naturals since ten years! For me this pack factually cleans the pore and even out the skin complexion.

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