Round-up: Watches and Jewelry Trend From BASELWORLD 2017, Messe Basel, Switzerland 

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The biggest and the most exburent – Baselworld Watch and Jewelry Show at Messe Basel, Switzerland is a day dream of wristwatch and accessories aficionados. The biggest trade show of the calendar year traces the history of early 20th century when people gathered for trading the best masterpiece of watches and jewelry. In my today’s post, I’m sharing the chicest trends to lookout in watches and jewelry. 

It is almost impossible to track every trend on show and believe me such is the scale of event! Baselworld brings the exotic representation of established as well as the up-coming promising brands on the podium. I asked one of my best friend Kashyap to cover the story snippets live and I just couldn’t thank him for all the efforts he put to portray an entire world of watches,gems and jewels.

Last year this magical place saw a surge of smartwatches and soon this upsurge penetrated the fashion world of jewelry and smartwatches, Fitness bands and digital watches took up the significant place in 2016-17 trendlist. This year we lug the classics (with major details). Brands like Chanel, Hermes and Bulgari made a call to sparkle; the diamond accents and floral design makes Chanel Gyptic a major attention while Hermes and Bulgari frayed the most flamboyant timepiece in amphibious-inspired belt finishing in the indigenous colour – earthy green.

The first thing you see after walking in the door is this Tag Heuer Connected 45, a smartwatch that is extremely appealing to the next generation. 

Rolex skipped the pulsating smartwatch league and introduced the three pro variation of its Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona in yellow, white and everose gold. 

And it is time to fire up the sideways! If streetstyle is your pursuit, then hands down to this prodigy – Aquaracer 300 from Tag Heuer, doing all justice to the camoflague trend, this piece is all you can dream for a sporty street-ready style and oh yes, the wrist watch comes with a water resistance technology which works up-to 300 m depth of water.

I belong to a city that is lionized as one of the biggest diamond and gem & jewelry hub. Surat city is brimming with all glow and glory and we have a few big biz on the board of Baselworld. SRK is one of the most impressive and celebrated name as a manufacturer of gems. It has been a long journey from 1964 to 2017, SRK has sculpted a remarkable road from rough stones to polished diamonds. Exporting to around 55 countries, SRK is one of the most respectable and socially responsible name from Surat at Baselworld.

8 Biggest Trends In Wrist Watch and Jewelry 2017 

Wrist watch trends: 

1. Vintage wrist watch

2. Athleisure watch 

3. Smartwatch 

4. Amphibious-inspired belt watch 

5. Everose gold wrist watch 

Diamond Jewelry trends: 

1. Floral designs (floral-inspired designs are never going out of trend)

2. Color-play (the bright burst of colors are making rage this season)

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Major Comeback: New Year Party, New Year Resolution And New Me!

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Happy 2017 my dear folks… Yes, I know it has been almost two months since I last shared a post on my blog. There are lot of many things that has changed and today I managed to put together all the stories that has been happening around me so far. With these three fantastic makeover in my life I feel stronger, confident and content from within. Today I’m sharing the bits and bubbles of what makes me feel so cheerful.

Okay, so the very first thing I’d like to talk on is about my New Year Evening. If you are following me on Instagram (jasminkhakhar) and Snapchat (jasminkhakhar), then you probably know where I celebrated my NYE. We danced and celebrated the last night of 2016 and with all hearts welcomed 2017. The lake city, Bhopal is very pleasing and guess what? the city has the most happening party crowd. It was an hour long flight from Mumbai and with the weather so chilling (around 2 degree, that’s way too cold for someone who stays in Mumbai), I planned to wear a sweatshirt and jeans with my jacket. I added an oomph element by picking my sliver sling bag and black glitter sole sandals.

Secondly, every year I try to make new resolution and work on it (quite literally). So this year I’ve promised myself to set my priorities and give full time to blogging! Yes, I’m planning to quit my job and take up blogging as my full-time career. It is never a bad idea to do what you love the most, right? So my schedule is all messed up currently. With ten hours of job, I hardly manage to write a blog story and I regret it every night when I hit the bed. That made me come up with this resolution.

Last and the final one… As you know I’ve chopped my hair really short! I’m training myself to be even more fit. My gym goal was never to loss weight… it was all about getting fit and growing strong. Somehow, with the job shifts, I wasn’t finding my space to dedicate my time to gym. Not anymore now! I put my gym trainer on the speed dial once again and I’m pretty much sure that this year is going to be my transformational year and my dear WordPress family will see a new me!


That’s it for today and I’ll get back to you with a Valentine’s Day post soon. Feel free to share your goals and resolutions in the comment below.

Lots of love,

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Weekend Getaway: Beach Vibes Only!

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“Make way for getaways”

It’s that time of the year when you can kiss a goodbye to your beautiful abode and escape to places and rejuvenate. While my UK fellow bloggers are enjoying their summer break, I’m unwinding with monsoon’s madness. There is something about Monsoon that fills you up with new vibes. I was looking for a weekend getaway lately and was awestruck to find this beautiful beach nearby.



Daman is about 85 km away from my place and the nearest beach destination accessible, being a beach bum since childhood, I allure everything about beach. We spent a a fantastic evening at Hotel Ocean Inn. The property suited just near the devka beach belt is a fine three star Hotel with it’s private beach :). I took a stroll on the beach which was calm and refreshing. The high tide makes it look more agile. We had dinner at the beach side dinning table.


I’ve stopped wearing jeans lately because of the weather here stays humid and uncertain rainfall makes it impossible to keep myself dry throughout the day. I wore a black polyester joggers from Lara Karen on and a raglan sleeves grey and white cotton sweatshirt from accompanied with a platform flip-flops to walk in and around (street shopped).


We know that monsoon makes it hard for our skin to breath, so I smoothen my skin with a Lakme Absolute Mousse and for lips, I picked up one of my favorite shade Pinken from Elle 18 color pops. Color pops range from Elle 18 is an absolute indulgence. It’s almost the next shade of your natural lip color. I’ve already posted a review, you can check it out here.

Beach lifestyle does a huge damage the beautiful tresses. I kept hair open, but you can wear a pony or tie a loose french bun to secure your mane from getting tangled. I carried a black and golden sequins tote bag with me which stored my essentials like keys, eyewear, sunscreen, a shrug, mobile phone, charger, sanitizer and wet wipes.

5 Essentials You Should Never Miss At Beach Vacation

  1. Water bottle: Stay hydrated!
  2. Sunscreen: Shield your darling skin
  3. Sarong/Coverup: When you are all done with swimming and soaking sun, you need a coverup to let your skin absorb and dry.
  4. Lip balm: A moisturizing lip balm can get you skin and texture to your lips.
  5. Wet wipes: The salty air irritates your skin, clean your face with wet wipes to let your pores breath.

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Outfit Inspiration: This Is How You Do & Don Las Vegas

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And finally it started raining in my city… yayyy! Today while I was researching on the ten glamorous cities/states to travel, there is this one city, popularly known as sin city of US took my heart away; yes I’m awestruck with City of Las Vegas. Here in this post, I’m talking on my personal take on outfit and dressing in the ritzy-glitzy city.

Accepted ladies that there are sins in the city… from sloshed people to people gambling on the sidewalks, of advertising ‘adult services’ and half-dressed men and women billboards, Vegas is full of intoxicating vibes. Dressing in LA is a binge! Las Vegas bring out the bolder sides and shades of oneself and that’s why it is rightly said, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. When it comes to fashion and styling, the razzle-dazzle of the city make it overpowering and fun dressing up in the city.

So given a day to play the dress-up game in the tinsel town, then following outfits I’d probably pick up for my on and off The Strip of LA:

  1. Coffee at Starbucks


Coffee outfit inspiration


Coffee Outfit Inspiration


  1. Lunch at Lemongrass

Lemongrass is a Veggie Pho Restaurant, each day is a ‘special lunch‘ day and the laid-back setting of this asian restaurant urges us to wear anything that is semi casual. Keeping the weather, which is mostly hot and dry, the outfit I’d pick is a pinafore and a casual white t-shirt. Pinafore looks great with flat sandal and a backpack or a satchel bag. (Secret tip: nautical trend is hot for casual lunch/brunch occasions) 


Lunch outfit Inspiration


  1. Dinner at Lago

Sing the praises, folks! We’ve James Beard Award-winning chef Julian Serrano to tune our evening in motion. Get the Italian vibes with small Italian plates and high-end pastas which I’d definitely go on for. Heeded with super colossal Fountains of Bellagio, Lago restaurant screams sophistication and style. Inspired from Italian futurism, one can never go wrong with an off-shoulder tube dress in bright color with a nude pump and a statement clutch to eat, tease and socialize 😉


Dinner outfit inspiration


The Ultimate Dos and Don’ts Of Las Vegas Fashion Guide

  1. At Nightclubs
  • Don’t: No more tights, shorts and sequins; the party gospel of Vegas want you to stand out from crowd.
  • Do: Make sure your eveningwear should keep up with you. Personally, I’ve been obsessed with tailored jumpsuits that play the night game well. It’s a perfect dinner to dance floor outfit option.
  1. Make-up 
  • Don’t: Ditch smoky eyes and contouring since you will be getting all dirty dancing the night and might mess up the entire look.
  • Do: A little reminder for my pretty ladies… you are in the middle of desert and so keep your sunscreen handy. Even a short swim in a pool without SPF can lead you to sunburns and tan.
  1. Music Concerts
  • Don’t: That being said, music concerts and shows are big thing in LA. The dress code for an evening show is more dressed up.
  • Do: Dress code doesn’t mean you dress up a uniform! Trot out your flashiest accessory. Go with a quirky clutch, kitschy earring and killer shoes. Some of my favorite night clubs are Hakassan, XS and Marquee.
  1. Day in life of #LasVegas 
  • Don’t: Kiss goodbye to your favorite heels. The Las Vegas Strip is 4.2 miles long and you don’t want to hurt your pretty feet by wearing stilettoes.
  • Do: Sneakers are perfect not only down the Strip but around the downtown. Happy feet, happy you 😉
  1. Best Shopping Experience
  • LA and shopping is the best of two worlds. Satiate your real shopaholic aficionado. Don’t just stack up your shopping bags from Strip. There is more to splurge in Vegas.
  1. Stays (your next home 😉 )
  • LA is magical abode for a first time visitor as well as returning visitor, hotels like MSM grand, Venetian, Bellagio and Caesar palace are some of the decent options to look out.

So that’s all about LA styles, you can plan your LA trip any time of the year, there’s a party everyday! Don’t forget to checkout best deals before you map your LA visit.

If you’ve visited LA, don’t forget to share your experience with me and suggest me places, I should (ok, must) see. Have a great week ahead :*

Until next post, 

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Post-Vacation: Round-up Of 12 Days Break

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AND the most exotic, the most extended and the most exciting vacation comes to an end today… (sigh!) I’d completely withdrawn myself from social media and internet for last 12 days and initially it felt like I’ve been living with little dinosaurs whose routine consist of eating and sleeping and loitering 😛 But, there is a brighter side to this adventure too! These twelve days had been my most productive days where I had discovered new skills (obviously DIY for home decor) and develop a new habit – READINGGGGG!


Shiva Trilogy



Yes, I’m not a traditionalist reader, thought I got my hands on this book, ‘The Immortals of Meluha’ a novel by Amish Tripathi (Shiva Trilogy’s first edition). Believe me, the book is so engaging, I felt like I’m living the whole story.

On 23rd May, one of my cousin visited home for a short film shoot. Where I was to play a neighbor of her best friend. It was a complete whoopee! We had lot of fun and laughing at the end of shoot.


Post shoot


In between shoots



Then we headed to one of the nicest cafe ‘Restro Bistro’ in the town and indulged in pizza and chocolate mint mocktail.


Chocolate Mint Mocktail


Chilling around

It was on 28th May when I packed my sag to enjoy my stay-cation at my sister’s place in Mumbai, India where we had an awesome time together. Devouring the best food, pampering, rambling and SHOPPING! A trip to Mumbai without visiting street shops is just a waste! We picked up different stuffs from various places. I was looking for casual track pants and PJs and ended up snapping three track pants, one PJ, three tops and two shoes (flea shopping is moreish, you know). My sister got a few casual sporty t-shirts and shoes and sliders.


Emprino | Carter’s, Bandra

I’ll be doing a shopping haul post pretty soon! Come to my Instagram to see what fun went live and add me on Snapchat (jasminkhakhar) to walk around with me.

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High On Tuesday: Bloggers Meet & Snapchat Stories

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A very beautiful morning everyone and as promised, I’m up with the transcripts from my bloggers meet. Talking to a figure who is doing extremely well in your work industry is so inspirational. Me and a fellow blogger had a chance to meet and converse some of the best bloggers in the category of fashion, beauty, home style and travel (yay!)

The interviews are recorded in my mobile phone and I’m not going to show you entire episode (50-55 minutes episode each) so to make things easy, clear and precise, I’ve summed up the interview and presenting what are the best bloggers are gabbing about and what make them the best in their category…

Fashion bloggers: 

  • “Never try to work the trend, make the trends work for you”
  • “Being comfortable is not cheap!”
  • “Add sequin to everything boring ;)”
  • “Flaunt your best asset”

Beauty bloggers:

    • “Love your skin type”
    • “It’s okay to break the rules of color wheel and try something different”
    • “Give yourself a new eye shadow palette for every season”
    • “Take care of your beauty tools too!”

Home style bloggers:

  • “Let your home speak your style”
  • “It’s fine to keep recreating your personal space every twice a month just because you feel like!”
  • “Our home is our inspirational source, make it vibrant and energetic!”
  • “Minimalism is nice, but going beyond it is nicer too!”

Travel bloggers:

    • “Not because you are tired, but because you want to try-it”
    • “Roam and roar”
    • “Life is to wander”
    • “Don’t wait for weekend to travel, you can grab your backpack and just stroll in the city too!”


These were some of the best things I’ve learnt and kept a note of for myself. May be these things are very casual and you might be knowing or might have heard of, perhaps forgotten… I wish all my blogger buddies all the very best in what they are doing.

Lots of love from a newbie blogger 🙂 

❤ Jasmin

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What To Wear: BFF’s Ring Ceremony OOTD

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With my dream keeper 🙂

It’s Monday morning and please pardon me for not sharing any update for a week long time 😦 I’ve been running errands to bring the best from the world of fashion and lifestyle for we fellow bloggers here! I’ve met some of the most influential bloggers of India and conversed about how blogging has transformed their lifestyle, I promise I’ll be sharing the interview tomorrow.


Ring ceremony venue

My today’s post is a special post reminiscing the special Sunday I had spent with my husband. We were suppose to attend a ring ceremony of a common friend to which we drove down around 160km from our home town (in 38-40 degree heat! :() Summer ceremonies are always tricky, we have to strike balance between being comfortable and being ceremony-appropriately dressed. My outfit of the day was deliciously pink salwar kameez suit which I had purchased from Lifestyle stores.


Ring ceremony OOTD

The georgette suit comes with a string tie-up in the front and I kind of love the yellow pom-pom that adds an extra zing to the yummy pink color. I paired my mustard yellow color Carlton London ballerina shoes with the ensemble.


Beautiful deck!

Keeping hair and accessories moderate. I opted for a pearl necklace finishing off with a wavy open hair. For makeup, I applied my Maybelline Fit Me foundation and Lakme’s Cherry pink from Lip Love lip care range.


‘What would a mermaid do?’

Oh yes, and I clasped this little silver holographic wallet which have ‘What would a mermaid do?’ written on it. (super cute, I know!)


Dessert 😉

If you like my outfit hit this post a like, share what what you loved about it and comment what would you wear to your friend’s ring ceremony.

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