Hola Sugarcups!

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I would like to thank you all my beautiful people who inspired me and encouraged me to put up my website and I’m super excited to share this new Raw and Toasted website. My website is live now and you can checkout all my recent posts on fashion and lifestyle there from now onwards (***drumroll***)

Raw, here, say all things that is bare and basic. The unmodified version of life; the fashion that is street-style, unsorted and underdone yet chic and curious. Where in Toasted, here, talk about everything that is flattering and puffed up. A smolder and made-up version of fashion; a polished and well-done lifestyle and deep and dramatic homestyle inspirations.

Come and embark on my adventure of finding Raw and Toasted life. 

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Major Comeback: New Year Party, New Year Resolution And New Me!

Hola Sugarcups!!

Happy 2017 my dear folks… Yes, I know it has been almost two months since I last shared a post on my blog. There are lot of many things that has changed and today I managed to put together all the stories that has been happening around me so far. With these three fantastic makeover in my life I feel stronger, confident and content from within. Today I’m sharing the bits and bubbles of what makes me feel so cheerful.

Okay, so the very first thing I’d like to talk on is about my New Year Evening. If you are following me on Instagram (jasminkhakhar) and Snapchat (jasminkhakhar), then you probably know where I celebrated my NYE. We danced and celebrated the last night of 2016 and with all hearts welcomed 2017. The lake city, Bhopal is very pleasing and guess what? the city has the most happening party crowd. It was an hour long flight from Mumbai and with the weather so chilling (around 2 degree, that’s way too cold for someone who stays in Mumbai), I planned to wear a sweatshirt and jeans with my jacket. I added an oomph element by picking my sliver sling bag and black glitter sole sandals.

Secondly, every year I try to make new resolution and work on it (quite literally). So this year I’ve promised myself to set my priorities and give full time to blogging! Yes, I’m planning to quit my job and take up blogging as my full-time career. It is never a bad idea to do what you love the most, right? So my schedule is all messed up currently. With ten hours of job, I hardly manage to write a blog story and I regret it every night when I hit the bed. That made me come up with this resolution.

Last and the final one… As you know I’ve chopped my hair really short! I’m training myself to be even more fit. My gym goal was never to loss weight… it was all about getting fit and growing strong. Somehow, with the job shifts, I wasn’t finding my space to dedicate my time to gym. Not anymore now! I put my gym trainer on the speed dial once again and I’m pretty much sure that this year is going to be my transformational year and my dear WordPress family will see a new me!


That’s it for today and I’ll get back to you with a Valentine’s Day post soon. Feel free to share your goals and resolutions in the comment below.

Lots of love,

❤ Jasmin